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6 definitions by Moon Daddy

Precisely one half of one fuck load.
"Get me two boat loads of mustard for my face."
by Moon Daddy February 26, 2008
The proper pluralization of dildo, as opposed to dildos.
She utilized many dilden during her performance of The Aristocrats.
by Moon Daddy February 28, 2008
I poured a some junkmilk into her mouth.
by Moon Daddy October 06, 2011
Resembling the crud-encrusted extremity of a hard-working equine, the mudhoof refers to ridiculously oversized labia which make the legendary "beef curtains" look like a fresh young peach.

Any owner of said mudhoof can also be referred to as one themselves.
"I choked while going down on her, as she was the owner of a particularly large, sweaty mudhoof."
by Moon Daddy July 15, 2012
The penis of an incubus that has become flaccid during an attempted nocturnal rape.
"That demon's penis just went all shrinkubus."
by Moon Daddy July 24, 2008
When a male who has foreskin engages in anal sex and is left with fecal matter jammed in between the shaft of the penis and the foreskin, creating a sombrero-like effect.
Make sure s/he doesn't have anything on deck: you might be left with poncho sanchez afterward.
by Moon Daddy January 10, 2008