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The ability to stand still for 5 minutes doing absolutely nothing while people all around go crazy...fainting, screaming, crying.
"If you want to learn the Michael Jackson maneuver watch Michael Jackson pop out on stage during his dangerous concert at the beginning of the show and the song Jam...observe the master in action! or non action!"
#spellbinding move #mesmerizing #charismatic effect #wow-factor #able to completely fascinate
by Moon Child November 01, 2012
A condition whereby no matter how badly you're treated by your fellow man, you continue to show nothing but love and respect for your fellow man.
Remember that other guy 2000 years ago who got treated abominably but only gave back Michael Jackson Syndrome?
#forgiving #jesus-like #soul-capacity #like a great soul #grounded in faith
by Moon Child November 01, 2012
Totally losing track of time at the sight, sound or movement of Michael Jackson....suffering many burnt meals, being late all the time, sitting in agony being bitten by mosquitoes but unable to move from your TV/computer or put your phone down!
"Sorry honey, dinner is a bit uhmmm toasty, I've been Michael Jacksoning all day!"
Warning: Michael Jacksoning is intensely enjoyable and may interfere with your normal activities.

It can drive you to distraction--and you'll love it.
#engrossing #fun activity #obsession #enjoyment #uplifting
by Moon Child November 01, 2012
A condition that makes you want to show your love and deep appreciation for all around you...often accompanied by an intense need to tell people "I Love you".
Sarah's personality changed when she finally achieved her dreams--Michael Jackson Syndrome took over and she became kind and concerned about others.
#compassionate nature #giving heart #secure human being #characterized by kindness #largeness of spirit
by Moon Child November 01, 2012
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