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1. (Location) The area South of Houston St. in Manhattan that has become severely commercialized and overly populated by Hollywood types over the past 20 years.

2. (Location) Where you go to wine, dine, and fuck a lonely B-movie star or celebutante if you're an Upper East Side/Park Avenue-dwelling tassle-shoed asshole. The act is normally done at around 10:00 p.m. as part of the asshole's commute home from Wall Street to his Upper East Side/Park Avenue apartment.

3. (Person) The actual ho you fuck
1. "No, don't go to Rockefeller Center. I got mine at the Kenneth Cole in Slo Ho."

2. "No, Bro, I'll pass on the Smith & Wollensky's. I gotta go to Slo Ho tonight."

3. "Yeah, I earned 2 bucks on the IPO. I'm gettin' me some slo ho at the Mercer tonight."
by Moolder March 21, 2007
1. Extremely stupid
2. Ghey
3. Uneducated; Ignorant
4. Unsophisticated
5. The opposite of "moolie"

Origin: from American English "dumb" but pronounced in the way that certain foreigners pronounce "dumb"
I see dahmb people. They don't even know they're dahmb.
by Moolder February 27, 2007
downright crunky bomb ass weed served in paper bags with the ink stamp of an elephant on it
Elephant on it? Sho enuf Snoopy got dat mool piff from Kuhn Aly!
by Moolder December 14, 2007
combination of fuck and ow screamed out when in mixed company (as when with children, grandparents, teachers, etc.)
(Jude stubs toe on desk)

Jude: F-ow! Motherf----fow! That hurt. Ow-wee!
by Moolder December 14, 2007

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