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OVERRATED! i live here and i make music that isnt typical house, rap, indie rock, rock or metal and i have nowhere to go. new and different is something nobody will allow or wants to touch. House music dominates over 50% of the clubs here as if its the "new big thing". and it was, in 1994! rap music has about 40% of the bars/clubs. oh yeah and most the clubs are as big as your apartment! there are a few larger bars/clubs but they still feel really small and they get so crowded you cant move and its all top 40 pop music.

looking for actors or to do a film project, GOOD LUCK!

musical celebrity-Coo Coo Cal (currently in jail? or moved)
film celebrity-some guy that got his movie on IFC.

they still claim Heather Graham as one of their own even though she moved out of milwaukee to L.A. when she was 12, long looonng before she was famous.

---a lot of famous indie bands (and even famous famous ones) skip over milwaukee. next time your fav acts go on tour ask yourself why so many skip milwaukee!

--looked into joining the green party and only 5 40 year olds show up for the meetings. im moderately liberal but big on the environment.

--every sunday 4 black people are on the news because 2 got shot and killed by the other 2 over the weekend. sadly im not kidding, at all.

--the brewers and the bucks wont pay for coaches and the teams cant make it to the playoffs.

--a lot of racism

--republicans seem to like it.

moving to chicago
---the hot girls at the clubs downtown tend to be "models". there are no models in milwaukee, they are strippers. all of them

--guys downtown all seem to be rich independent contractors or landscapers. yeah right

---i went and saw 2 dj's spin one night and they both totally totally blew their sets horribly beyond horrible. they ended the song at the synth build/bridge to the peak! if you dont get that, its like the guitar player throwing his guitar into the crowd before the song is over, but doing it 5 times during one show!

-advertised for actors/actresses and got 4 responses. 2 were from chicago.

--nobody is anybody around here in the music scene because no one besides the shitty house dj's can make a living on their music.

--the South Park episode where they send the guy from 2 years in the past to Des Moines says it all, only Milwaukee is 10 years behind and as far as the segregation goes its more like 50.
by Moog Slayer February 06, 2008
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