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1 definition by Monty78

A resident of Claymon, DE. Usually has a chip on his/her shoulder, especially when it comes to being associated solely with crackwhores, welfare recipients, and other undesirables just because there are a few in his/her hometown. They are a rowdy bunch so approach with caution. When they tell people they're from Claymont it is typically followed by an "ooh, hmm" as if the person asking has just realized they should be a bit wary. The Claymonster likes that. Regardless of the stigma surrounding them, most become successful, upstanding citizens, but they'll still whoop your ass.
1. Me and my boys were getting a little mouthy until a group of claymonsters shut them for us.

2. So a claymonster, ooh, hmm?

3. Don't piss them off.....claymonsters.

4. A claymonster, huh boy? Turn around and put your hands on the hood and spread, 'em.
by Monty78 December 01, 2011
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