11 definitions by Monty S

an ideal relationship
Forget Obama/Clinton, my dream ticket is Pitt/Jolie.
by Monty S March 07, 2008
When you lose your keys (they're usually in your pocket)
Sorry I'm late, I had a bit of a keymergency.
by Monty S March 05, 2008
1). Quenching your sexual frustration by eating (junk food)
2). Masturbating while eating (junk food)
I swear, Laverne, if Justin locks himself in the bathroom to snack off one more time, I'm throwing away the Cheez-Its.
by Monty S March 20, 2008
refers to mail or correspondence that makes mention of lychee
"Lychee-mail is so the new gmail."
by Monty S August 04, 2007

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