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When living with rule-abiding people (e.g. parents, conservatives, children), a walk pretending to walk the dog but actually smoking marijuana around the block.
"My parents are really driving me crazy this Thanksgiving, Cindy. I think we need to walk the weed."

"Did you see those girls over there? Looks like they're walking the weed."
by Monty S August 07, 2007
A call made simply because you are bored on the toilet.
I knew that Priya was doodoo dialing me because right after I heard a flush she said she had to go.
by Monty S March 03, 2008
The feeling of extreme horniness during times of great emotional pain.
After Uncle Grover died, I got so mourny that I went to a strip club after the funeral.
by Monty S March 02, 2008
Often referred to closing time, it's the period of time right after a bar closes where desperate people hang around outside to pick up on remainders.
And to think, I met your father at booty o'clock!
by Monty S March 05, 2008
a little stoned, ie not too high
"I don't know if I want to get stoned, but I'll get a little pebbled."
by Monty S September 20, 2007
a female bartender especially at a place where all the other bartenders are male
These dudes make some weak drinks, but that girltender over there is makin' them HEAVY.
by Monty S March 07, 2008
A really clumsy eater, one who eats and leaves crumbs.
Andy's crumbsy ass left all sorts of pizza crust on the couch.
by Monty S April 03, 2008
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