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A discreet and hilarious way to talk about anorexia. Linked closely with Plan B, or bulimia
I tried plan A but I needed to have something in my mouth, so I turned to plan B.
by Monty James November 22, 2004
a public-friendly way of describing the anus, or ass in general, as used by the Don and Mike Show (radio).
That bitch takes it in the bad place, where food comes out.
by Monty James November 22, 2004
A hilarious and discreet way to describe bulimia. Linked closely with Plan A, anorexia.
Jill, obviously on plan B, went to the bathroom after the big dinner, coming out with a moist face, looking refreshed, and trying to eat some desert.
by Monty James November 22, 2004
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