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An often-times unexpected and uncontrollable flare-up of excitement or enthusiasm too powerful to contain, yet at the same time too overwhelming as to be adequately expressed. The resulting tension on the individual's physical body generally manifests itself through one of several ungovernable movements, including but not limited to the clenching of muscles and drawing in of the hands, arms, jaw and sometimes legs; the emittance of a high-pitched squeal, often through clenched teeth; momentary loss of the power of speech; the irrepressible desire to grab for the nearest person; wild flailing and movement of all parts of a person's body.

While it is important to recognize certain similarities between the hyper spaz and fits of rage, it is important for the individual to note that hyper spaz should generally be regarded as a symptom of happiness and excitement, and in most cases should not be abused by individuals unable to control their inner demons, that's just annoying.
"Hey, what the heck is that girl Erin doing over there? Is she ok?"

"Oh, don't mind her, she's just having another of her usual hyper spazes."
by Monty Jack January 05, 2010
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