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No more than ten years from now.
Wow, this place looks like it's from the not-too-distant future!
by Monty Park July 13, 2009
New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California - an area typically more conservative than the rest of the southwestern region (with the obvious exception of Utah), and, paradoxically, with closer ties to Mexico.
"Even though burritos were invented in San Francisco, it is not considered to be part of the deep southwest."
by Monty Park June 24, 2009
1. Expressing a sudden desire to perform the cunnilingial arts, akin to the munchies.

see also Hungry like the wolf.
God dammit, I'm carpet hungry. Why didn't I get my last licks in when I got the chance?
by Monty Park September 29, 2008
A collection of neighborhoods northeast of downtown Pasadena, California. This area has long been home to the Pasadena redneck bloc, consisting mainly of Cajuns, Cubans, Italians, and Beck; though there are a good deal of Oreos, Salvadorans. The area is also a hotbed of rude boy culture.

If you want some idea of what North Lake is like, just listen to the song "Loser."

Rich people from Oak Knoll have been afraid to drive through this area since the early '70s.
"I have to go to this party in North Lake."
"Do you have a gun?"
by Monty Park June 22, 2009
Posessing the physical qualities of caramel.
The soy sauce was so artfully poured on my smoked salmon that I thought it was caramel. It sounds stupid, but it looked very caramelicious.
by Monty Park September 30, 2008
The City of Pasadena Municipal Code Enforcement Agency, a massive and labrynthine organization determined to crack down on vile and dangerous house painters, gardeners, and guerilla artists- especially filmmakers.
Joe: "Hey, I thought you put in a new fence."

Jeff: "Yeah, the Taste Police made me take it down, they said it wasn't colonial-looking enough and threatened to arrest me."
by Monty Park June 08, 2009
Someone who finds the idea of compilation CDs revolting for at least one of the following reasons:

1. The song-by-song nature of digital downloading has made compilations a restrictive, overexpensive, and unnecessary.

2. By buying it you allow the record companies to define what's "the best," which usually consists of the singles that those companies pushed hardest, and everyone knows the best songs on an album are the ones you never hear on the radio.

3. By buying compilations, you are denying yourself the pleasure of listening to an wide catalogue of music as it was first listened to, and thus have no sense of history.

4. Any compilations you do have in your possession should be hand-crafted and traded with prospective girlfriends.
Arthur: Ugh, my Mom just bought the Cars' greatest hits. She just doesn't get it.

Doug: Why must you be such an anti-compilationist?
by Monty Park July 05, 2009

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