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2 definitions by Montgomery

1) a sylabic rambling used to fill in the words to a country western song that you forgot the words for.
" Amariilo by morning, Heebner-schneebner do, Heebner-schneebner, deebner do. Amarillo's on my mind."
" She took my dog to the pound, heebner-schneebner, and flatted the tires on my pick-up, heebner-schneebner, and then she left me, heebner-schneebner, do"
by Montgomery May 28, 2006
1)adj. Describing an insulting action or condition.(Am-Eng slang)
2)adv. A state of being insulent.(am-Eng slang)
1) "Your behavior was rather insultive after you got drunk last night."
2) "I find no reason for you to be insultive in the way you speak to me... you jerk!"
syn: rude, abhorent, impolite
ant: complimentry, polite, thoughtfull
by Montgomery May 28, 2006