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1. See Sasquatch

2. Quite possibly the ugliest woman that ever lived. Resembles Bill Gates. He was Bill Clinton's right hand man during the Waco Massacre investigation.
Janet Reno is one hellava ugly woman.
by Montenez McBurgers November 21, 2007
A quiet, shy, and lonely photo tech (Played by Robin Williams) at the local SavMart in the 2002 thriller movie "One Hour Photo". He becomes obsessed with a family because he never had one of his own and stalks them trying to become "Uncle Sy". Sy is an extremely tidy and organized person who is a perfectionist in his line of work. He drives a boring white Toyota Echo and is portrayed as a dull loser.
"Sy parrish is obsessed with cameras"
by Montenez McBurgers November 20, 2007
A popular character from Mortal Kombat based on Jean-Claude Van Damme. Known as a goofy, comic relief character who is all about flash and lacks real fighting ability. Originally designed to resemble the character of Frank Dux from Bloodsport, he was later remodeled to always wear sunglasses in order to look "Hollywood".
Johnny Cage is the coolest character in MK history!!
by Montenez McBurgers October 10, 2007

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