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a fat, old, ugly bitch
Brian's mom is a ogre
by montel April 18, 2005
da hood of Kenilworth
Yo homeboy, we gon jump some mexicans in the kenilhood.
by Montel April 14, 2005
Scent emitted from an individual who has recently visited an exotic entertainment facility. Magnitude of the smell is directly proportional to the the amount of time spent in the establishment and amount of physical contact with the dancers.
On his way him from Club Erotica, Bill opened all of the windows in hopes of getting rid of the smell of Cigs-N-Ass. It did not work, and his wife filed for divorce shortly after.
by Montel December 10, 2003
1. One who slices turds at the turd deli.
2. Machine that slices turds at the turd deli. (Can also be a standard Deli slicer with turd slice attachment)
You must be 18 years old to operate the turd slicer.
by Montel December 09, 2003
1. In some instances called "PP"

2. Biggest homo ever.
Brian Boitano is friends with Spro.
by Montel April 09, 2003
the baddest bird alive
yo am as bad as a moss bird hommie you better watch your self player.
by montel December 30, 2003
A Satanic cult leader and occultist.

A stupid ass hippie liberal homo.
A typical Californian scumbag.
by montel February 19, 2005

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