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Alternate term for a Dutch Master (or Phillies Blunt) cigar, aka a "dutch". Due to the low price, they are usually used for rolling blunts as opposed to actually smoking them.
"Im gonna go down to the corner store and cop a snutch, so i can scroll that banger!"

After he gutted the snutch, it was ready to be filled with bud.
#dutch #blunt #snutch #cigar #phillies
by Montclair Scrolling Society August 11, 2007
Beyond bodied. The act of being extremely inebriated. Fucking gone.
"Dude that party last night was loose, i got so schmodied..."

"I'm swear to schmodied i'm not God!"

"I was so schmodied i woke up in a bathtub full of jungle juice wearing a toga."
#alcohol #beer #bodied #drunk #crunk #hangover
by Montclair Scrolling Society September 22, 2007
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