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A game published by Jagex, the creators of Runescape. Its a carbon copy of Evony but based in China and without the boob adds.
Person1: Hey, have you heard about War of Legends?
Person2: You mean that game that Jagex published in order to steal our cash with micro-transactions and is an exact copy of Evony?
Person1: Yeah...wana play together with me and build a kingdom?
Person2: Sure! Wait up....DAD CAN I HAVE UR CREDITCAAARD!?!?
by Montanax January 21, 2010
The process of a game becoming easier, so that casuals will be able to enjoy the game.
Person1: OMG! They increased the droprate by 90%!
Person2: Yet another MMO being casual'd...
by montanax June 11, 2010
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