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A small port town in devon, which boats follow the river down from its mouth and discover a bridge blocking their path. This bridge ensures that many sailors spend their time in the bidefordian pubs.

The town is located in the worst valley in the country, with frequent river floods and annoying hills to climb.

Despite it's annoying location the town has survived to not becoming like their surrounding redneck/incest sister towns and villages, known as Hartland, Northam, Appledore and Clovelly.

Luckily for Bidefordians the town is located near to the busier town of Barnstaple where a train station is located.

The Bidefordians can then take a train to Exeter, and get the hell out of devon.

Bideford is known for it's drunks at new years, easter, bonfire night, st georges day, mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays, fridays and saturdays.

After feeling like a alcohol god, Bidefordians like to take a traditional sunday rest before going out on another piss up...

Traditional Bidefordian people can be recognised by their staffordshire bull terriers, tracksuit bottoms, hoodies, and cigarettes in mouths. They walk very slowly, have a look of gaumlessness, and spend most of their time on street corners. Not to be mistaken by Zombie Prostitutes.

The less traditional Bidefordians have black hair and painted nails... they have an 'individual' look about them...traditional Bidefordians known these 'individuals' as "emos" and is the most commonly used word in Bidefordian culture.
Dude1: i am going to pick up this zombie prostitute for us.

Dude2: NO DON'T that prostitute is from Bideford
by Montague667 February 16, 2011

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