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Thinking process of coming to the worst possible solution, tendencies to be stubborn, no matter how right you are and how wrong they are, they never admit it.
Did you hear what that guy said? He said those guy's suck at Call of Duty 4, their record is 80-5. That's Fevens Logic for you.
by Monster Joff September 09, 2009
Ironic name of a gamer. If he does great the name is ironic. If he does bad then the name is as advertised.
I cant believe Crapgamer just owned me so bad on Call OF Duty.
by Monster Joff February 26, 2010
A person bad at video games and usually Canadian.

Most likely a Newfoundlander or "Newfie"
Did you see that Fevens try to snipe on Star Wars Battlefront 2? He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.
He must be blind! He just ran into a landmine again!
by Monster Joff February 26, 2010
A graphic or forum signature that isn't very good, a generally poor excuse for graphic arts.
Where did that guy get that logo? It's terrible! it must be a Fevens design.
by Monster Joff May 10, 2010
An Openly Homosexual Gaming clan, Canadian based. Named after a Homosexual Sex Act.
We just beat the Shotgun Confederacy at Call of Duty.

Ya, but how hard is it to beat a bunch of Canadian Homosexuals?
by Monster Joff February 26, 2010

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