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Someone whose motivations are persistently ambiguous and might be untrustworthy on the whole. The term is believed to have originated from that of a shifty Soviet scoundrel whom often auctioned himself off to overweight Italian sewage maintenance workers for reasons unknown.
"I just realized last night that David has been purloining all my finely smoked sandwich meats and padding the inside of his tighty whities with them. A true Gidrovlicheskiy, that feller is."
by Monsieur Tennek August 04, 2009
Essentially, an extremely hairy man and/or woman who has never shaved a single day in their life; thus causing them to resemble an unkempt and undesirable Sasquatch-like abomination.
"Did you fellas see that new guy Peter down in accounting? Yeesh! Talk about taking the term unshaven ape fuck to a whole new level-- The bugger practically has the upper body hair equivalent of an overgrown African safari!"
by Monsieur Tennek July 22, 2009
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