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A Job Rapist is a term coined by Strictly-Software.com to describe Bad Internet Crawlers e.g a BOT that does not conform to the normal protocols of automated website crawling. Especially on recruitment based websites that advertise jobs e.g jobboards.

This bad behaviour may include ignoring the Robots.txt file standards that tell BOTS which pages they can and cannot access and over crawling a site to the point of bringing it down.

However the main reason why a BOT would be labelled a Job Rapist is that it steals jobs without the site owners consent. Instead of asking if they can take job adverts from Site A to put on their own site they instead crawl the site without permission stealing the job content AKA Job Raping.

Job Rapists are mainly aggregators who are trying to build up their database of jobs without paying for them.
My jobboard was scraped again today by that awful Job Rapist JobRapido.

If an internet police did exist then the job raping of recruitment sites would be a severe crime alongside email harvesting, spamming and hacking.
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by MonkeyMagix October 24, 2011
Techies Law is a definition coined by Strictly-Software.com to describe a Murphies Law type scenario related to software development.

The law states that:

If you have spent considerable time trying to resolve a bug in your code, a technical problem or any other such computer related issue and you finally resort to asking for help from a colleague or support team member. You can be rest assured that when you go to show that person the problem in action it has miraculously resolved itself all by itself OR you will immediately spot the cause of the problem.

You are then derided for either being a numpty and / or wasting their precious time for no reason.
I just experienced Techies Law in action. After spending hours trying to debug some code I reluctantly called our lead developer over to help me but as soon as he arrived at my desk I immediately realised what the bug was. He called me a numpty.

I am going to utilise Techies Law by spending a third of the time I usually spend bug fixing before asking for help.

I am going to pray to the God of Geekdom that Techies Law will enact itself and fix my network connection for me by calling someone else over to have a look at the problem.
#technical murphies law #technical law #bug fixing #network issues #software development #coding #bug hunting #debugging #coder #murphies law
by MonkeyMagix October 25, 2011
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