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an excited exclamation by the late Myron Cope, color commentator for the Pittsburgh Stillers (Steelers). Often yelled with a single "YOI!" when a great play or great hit occured on the field.
Bill Hillgrove: "Wow, look at the hit Polamalu put on the reciever"
Myron Cope: "Yoi!, and Double Yoi! dat Polamalu can cover da whole field"
#steelers #pittsburgh #yoi! #stillers #myron cope #commentator
by Monkey Toker January 19, 2009
1) see also rivered
2) being beaten by the last card of the community, called the "river"
3) combination of rivered and arrow'd
I had the straight on the flop, but got river'd, he pulled out a flush
#hold'em #poker #rivered #arrow'd #strongbad
by Monkey Toker June 13, 2006
1. state of mind well beyond your average drunk/high.
2. intoxication level step before alachol poisoning
"I got two cases of beer and an ounce, I'mma get krunkalated."
"Man that fool was krunkalated, grinding on that lamp and everything"
#drunk #intoxicated #wasted #stoned #blitzed #bombed
by Monkey Toker January 22, 2006
A) referrs to the sharing of one's beverage, and the exchange of body fluids from the participants.

B) You have shared a beverage with everyone who has ever shared a beverage with someone you shared a beverage with.
Brian and Tim have had soda-pop make-out because they both shared a drink with Tiffany.
#make out #6 degrees of seperation #pop #soda #sex
by Monkey Toker March 23, 2006
To be Kyle'd is to be screwed by a co-worker who leaves early saying he is done when he isn't really.

Named for a Kyle who likes to clock out 3-5 min early while saying things like, "I gotta go all I have left are floors but I don't have enough time"
Employee: "Hey man I'm all done, can I go?"
Manager: "You sure your done? You better not Kyle me."
Employee: "I'm not, gonna Kyle you!"
Manager: "Alright get outta here then."

Manager comes out looks arounf and floors still need done, and nothing is wiped down.

Manager: "Dammnit I've been KYLE'D"
#screwed #lazy #incompetent #stupid #kyle dalton
by Monkey Toker August 04, 2006
code for smoking pot
Man it's cold out I need to knit a sweater, know where I can get a sweater?

No, but I got a scarf here
#scarf #knitting #knit a sweater #pot #weed #marijuana
by Monkey Toker June 20, 2006
1) a $10 sack of weed
2) smaller than a sweater
Buyer: Hey, man I was wondering if you could hook me up?
Seller: What do ya need? Sweater?
Buyer: Can't afford a whole sweater, just need a scarf
Seller: Yeah I'll be right over to knit with you
#sweaters #knitting #weed #pot #mary jane #marijuana
by Monkey Toker June 20, 2006
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