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3 definitions by Monkey Face

A girl under the age of 13 wanting to be 15 so she begs her mother for glitter eye shadow and a thong so she can turn every boy in the 1st grade on
''Damn Kim! I feel so bad that your 6-year old sister is a little slut. But don't worry. She'll get over it.''
by Monkey Face April 16, 2006
A place where people talk about killing themselves and/or other people. These people are often in a dark room with a straight jacket on and take a lot of medication
''My uncle Tony had to be put in a mental institution because he said he was going to kill himself.'' ''But it's not his fault. He has no friends and his family doesn't give a damn about him. ''Man this country is fucked up;;;
by Monkey Face April 16, 2006
Someone who has a an uncanny knack for attracting loosers; stands for "Wierdo And Looser Attraction"
She's got W.A.L.A.
by Monkey Face December 12, 2003