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adj: Something of poor quality. examples of stupidity. Unfashionably dressed. Offensive. Lame.

I was watching an elderly asian man looking at cats. he said he didn't want one for a pet. He said he wanted one to cook. The first thing to come to my mind was " wow. that's really minus."
q: Man! Did you see that asshole run that red light?!

a: yeah, that was really minus.
by Monique Ortiz April 02, 2004
an abandon beer. An abandon beer that has too much beer to waste, but not enough to enjoy.
barmaid: what's with all these new jerseys on the table? Do any of these belong to anyone?

frat boy: I can't believe that there were exactly 27 new jerseys in the house! People need to keep track of their beers!
by Monique Ortiz April 02, 2004
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