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When your wire clothes hangers get all up in each others' sh!@$, ruining yours in the process.
Damn, it would have taken just a minute to clean out my closet if it wasn't for the massive hanger clog I found down by my shoes. There was a mini hanger clog happening with the hangers on the rod, too.
by MonikerZ March 08, 2011
The coward's word for love.
Dude 1: Man, I have such a bad case of one-itis for her. How do I break it? What should I do? I'm out of my mind for her. Maybe I should propose.
Dude 2: Nah, you've got to stop talking to her. Don't let her know you care. Find someone else. That's the only way to deal with one-itis.
by MonikerZ October 19, 2011

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