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2 definitions by Mongrelface McG

1) To run really fast in a 5K
2) To roll real hard to the point where you are also bouncing.
Yo bro diggity I'm rollbouncin!

Man, I thought I was going to lose that 5K, but I really managed to rollbounce beyond my wildest dreams. In the 5K.

Dude, my bro and I rollbounced so hard last night that we ended up in Wafflehouse.

Man 1 - Yo dude were gonna roll hard tonight.
Man 2 - Nah dude. Were gonna rollbounce.
Man 1 - Fuck yea.
by Mongrelface McG April 22, 2010
Someone who parties exessively hard at all times.
Dude, it's Mongrel Monday. Come down to the house and pound this keg-dog.

Dude, I was such a mongrel last night when I pounded all those brews/shots.
by Mongrelface McG April 22, 2010