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When you are waiting to use a public toilet and the person is taking forever, you reach over the stall and taser the person so they shit uncontrollably. Then you can pull them out of the stall and take your shit and leave before they wake up. Usually done by police or little old ladies.
I had to take a shit and got tired of waiting so I shit shocked this dude, dropped a grumping and left.
by Moneyshotman February 07, 2010
When a guy had been in a sexual relationship and has not spanked the monkey in awhile.
"I just broke up with Marsha, and realized I had dusty knuckles. I guess i'm back to punching the old meatstick for awhile."
by Moneyshotman February 10, 2010
When you are having sex and your partner is being less than energetic in bed, so you taser their ass and let them start doing most of the work.
"Hey Nicole how was sex last night?"

" It started out pretty shitty, he was acting like he was half dead so I went taser crazy on his ass and had some of the best sex ever. Too bad for him, he doesn't remember half of it."
by Moneyshotman February 10, 2010
A prostitute who will hang outside a dollar store and lets you ride him or her for a dime bag.
"Hey, look at that chick out there, you know what she wants." " Ya, what a dimestore pony."
by Moneyshotman February 04, 2010
A girl whose ass is so nice, when she shows you it, she puts you in a good mood till christmas. Santa's biggest helper.
"You sure are in a good mood"
"Ah ya, just saw St. Nicolass's butt"
by Moneyshotman February 11, 2010
One who saves every dirty mag and porno they have ever bought, they usually have closets full of the stuff. They will never throw it out and will go back sometimes, and whack off to shit several years old because they can't help themselves. Support groups are beginning to pop up here and there but most are to busy whacking off the attend them.
I was over at Rick's house last night and his closet is full of porn, he's a damn whack rat. Must be a thousand mags in there.
by Moneyshotman February 08, 2010
The warm coat left on your teeth after giving a blowjob.
"After taking my man juice's moneyshot last night I woke up this such a tooth sweater."
by Moneyshotman February 04, 2010

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