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Using a common sink to clean ones body in a time of immediate need.
I shit my pants while at great america and had to take a hillbilly shower in the restroom.
by Money Bum January 02, 2010
When a girl smiles and reveals here tiny teeth and gummy smile.
Did you see the grenade with the shark teeth that Pauly D had to fall on last night when "The Situation" was trying to get laid?
by Money Bum January 02, 2010
When you take a rancid hit out of a water pipe and experience instant wheezing.
Somebody passed me the bong with a dirty mid-grade buffalo fart in it and I instantly got tight lung.
by Money Bum January 02, 2010
Majestic northern Indiana native woodland bushy-tailed squirrel.
I got attacked by a timber monkey while eating a peanut butter sandwhich on a hike.
by Money Bum January 02, 2010
when a person makes the most out of his surroundings by using whatever he can to improve his comfort or situation in a bum like "situation" -- Mike
I was freezing cold in our hideout and was able to use my coat to keep me warm while sleeping on the floor. I was straight money bum.
by Money Bum January 02, 2010
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