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while the girl is sleeping next to you, you start jerking yourself and right before you cum, you waker her up and unload all over her face, catching her by complete surprise. just like an unsuspecting skier.
i gave my sister in law a dirty avalanche on her birthday.
by Mondo91 May 19, 2008
a woman who looks amazing to you after you've consumed heavy amounts of alcohol.
that woman he woke up with sure looked bar beautiful last night.
by Mondo91 May 19, 2008
a wealthy person (typically european) who enjoys shoveing expensive items up his ass.
my last boss was such a brenardo.
by Mondo91 May 19, 2008
having a girl shit on a platter, then smashing it in her face when she finishes going down on you.
i gave that bitch a dirty butler last night.
by Mondo91 May 19, 2008
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