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A day full of random activities in which most of your money is spent. The bonding between two men. Yate.
Peach: Randay coming up my friend what do you wanna do?
LunchBox:Morrick hahahahaha
by Monachino December 11, 2005
A day of random activities in which you spend most of your money on pipes and pancakes, Yoyo's, farmer hat's etc. A bonding between two men, usually on a tuesday.
Peach: Happy randay dear sir!
John: And to you Sir Morrick.
*Shakes Hand*
by Monachino December 08, 2005
The English word for the american word 'Gooch'. Which is the few inches of flesh between the mans scrotum and asshole.
(1) My chummy was really hairy yesterday, so i shaved it.
(2) Did you get that tatto on your chummy in the end?
by Monachino November 17, 2005

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