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A female who can't read, write, is usually known to bust a nigga down in the hallways of the nastiest, pissiest project hallways. She might be with you and see a guy that she screwed before and she might just let him know "I remember you, remember the mens bathroom?" She is very embarrassing to bring around because she says the stupidest things. After sex with her you feel very dirty and you want to whip her ass.
We are going to get real drunk and holla at that dumb gutterbucket ass female.
by MonaLuv30 June 25, 2008
Someone who has nothing to do ever! They can be found sitting on their Grandma's porch or riding on the passenger side of everyone's vehicle. They can never offer any suggestions as to what they need or want to do. They always know about all the gossip but they refuse to get up and do anything productive. They always just talk about doing something but never do.
Mona: "Hey Chris", whats going on?
Cris: nothing!
Mona: What you gonna be up to today?
Cris: nothing!
Mona: What did you do yesterday?
Cris: nothing!
Mona: What you gonna do later?
Cris: nothing!
Mona: O.K then, bye you nothing ass MF.
by MonaLuv30 June 27, 2008

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