13 definitions by Momo

scurrying rapidly;hyper in a scary way.
The camel spider was extremely scapid.
by momo August 04, 2004
hipSTER + sceneSTER = friendSTER
it's so scene.
by momo February 21, 2004
1. Plushies-wrapped-in-plastic sex and the sound it makes.
2. Prickly tentacles in plastic wrap raining on you.
I was prinkling a friend of mine the other day.
by MoMo October 25, 2004
mommas fish pie
lips betwee a girls hips
poon tang
the pink canoe

a stupid girl

basically anything you want it to mean
"*sniff*sniff*..SMELLS LIKE MUSHY!"
"you hoe, pull down yo pants so i can have the mushy platter w/ a side of PACHINGCHANG!"
"hunny..come back to bed before your mushy gets cold!"
"man.. that mushy jut stole my five dollars! what a MUSHY!!"
by MOMO March 02, 2004
The abbreviated form of Monkeys Hate School. Commonly used to cheer people that have just eaten unsuspectingly Coblin.
Mhs so don't worry
by Momo November 28, 2003
to bicker at another waste of flesh.
"fuck me running you fucknose, i'm not doing the laundry i'd rather fuck your mothers face"
by momo September 27, 2003

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