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The only faith that adheres to bible truths and tries their best to live the way Jesus Christ taught them. Jesus regularly went door to door, teaching others about God and making disciples, baptizing them. JWs also are the only faith to regularly use God's name, which is a command in the bible. Some of you people really need to do some research before you post in here. For example, rule numer one:

"1. Write for a large audience. The whole world's going to read your definition. Give background information so they understand your entry."
Why don't you people try reading the bible once in a while? You might learn something. Oh, the early members of the religion NEVER conspired with Hitler against the Jews. Who came up with that lie? Jehovah's Witnesses were persecuted and put in concentrations camps along with the Jews, even killed in the gas chambers.

Good Grief!!! Blood transfusions? How many people do YOU know contracted AIDS from tainted blood? Remember the pope??? Chagas Disease??? The bible is very clear on Gods view of the sanctity of blood. "Abstain from blood..." Please look up the word "abstain."

Those who are scorned and put out of the congregation have a lifetime of chances to return. Most who don't just don't want to live their lives morally and in accord with bible principles. It's their loss. Remember, when the catholics excommunicate, it's for life.
by MommyMe March 02, 2006

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