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4 definitions by Mommy

Term named after the cutest dog that has ever lived Mac Munyer. Used when somebody pulls a really irresistible ploy or face.
Damn, how can I not forgive you when your looking so mackie mac?
by mommy February 01, 2005
A hair-do of a white trash person who is caught in the 80's and drives an old beat up camaro.
Brock, I like your mullet.
by Mommy April 16, 2003
A state or suggestion that imposses a reverse or contradictory action
To enter into an agreement to purchase ie: fuel and not having the funds to complete the transaction.

"It's a Zazmania type of Day" or Did you pull a "Zazmaniac" again
by Mommy January 06, 2004
vox0m- A noob that cant pk worth shit.
Vox0m got owned by a lvl 23 noob using a bronze dagger.
by MOMMY November 17, 2004