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Originating from a little boy who claimed that Anna Nicole Smith was his mother, and seen by me multiple times on the blog dlisted.com. The word "Je'e" means "Mother" in some weird fucked up language called O'odham (apparently a Native American tongue), and was the term of affection that this child used when talking about ANS. It caught on in the blogosphere and is used to describe Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith, and pretty much any celebrity train wreck mother.
"Mama je'e went to heaven, mo'okwad," Soto gently informs his son. "Mama je'e watches us from the sky. Like Peanut," he says, referring to a family dog attacked and eaten by a pack of coyotes months back.
--Johnny Soto
by Momma Betsy February 03, 2008
A word we use to threaten our kids instead of saying "Do you want a spanking?" Will stop all bad behavior immediately. Trust. Also works with some adults.

Credit to my neighbor Becca H.
"Stop crying or I'll give you a smack diddly donk!"

Lisa had second thoughts about snooping in her brother's room...what if he gave her a smack diddly donk? That would hurt! Wouldn't it?
by Momma Betsy February 03, 2008
Cob Web Crotch -- used to describe a bitter, lonely old woman who's cooter hasn't seen action in so long that its a little dusty in there...
"Man, that old CWC better shut up or I'll give her a smack diddly donk!"
No one liked Judy because she was a two faced old CWC.
by Momma Betsy February 03, 2008

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