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Tune, pronounced TUUUUUNNEE, means that a really well known, good song is being played.
A song comes on the radio.

'My days this is a TUNE, like'
by Mollzyy February 23, 2008
It's similar to bredrin. It means best mate, special mate close mate. Someone you known for a long time. Sometimes you see it spelt differently like kodeeh. These varitations are rarely seen.
'She's my true kodee'
'yo kodee hows you?'
'heya kodee'
by Mollzyy February 18, 2008
When you call someone but you hang up after 1 ring. The person you called gets a message saying that they had a missed call and then they're meant to ring you back or if you planned to get a drop call realise what it means. Another word for drop call is one bell and missedcall
Boy 1: I wanna speak to boy 3 but I aint got any credit
Boy 2: Drop call him and im sure he'll call you back.

Girl 1: Drop call me when you've finished shopping and meet me outside the shopping centre.
Girl 2: K, that'll be about 1.
by Mollzyy April 24, 2008
lolzz or lolz means lol but just a newer version. It's a more exciting less overused version of lol or you can use lool
instead of
Person 1: He was being a twat!
Person 2: lol

You get
Person 1: He was being a twat!
Person 2: lolzz
by Mollzyy February 18, 2008
Batty licker means to be really nice to people usually when you want something. It means you want that thing of them/want to be their friend so much you would lick their bum. There is an action. You get your hands and imagine you are pulling bum cheeks apart then you lick in one straight line.
1 - 'Omg you look soo pretty'
2 - 'thanks!'

3 - 'You are such a batty lickerr'
1 - 'Uh i dont think so!'
by Mollzyy February 23, 2008
1) Something is awesome and great. Or you enjoyed something.
2) Something is nasty and you wanna make it heard.
1) The party last night was banging!
That tasted banging

2) Damnn your breath is banging
Her phone is banging.
by Mollzyy February 19, 2008
It means to steal something. Usually not used in a 'I'm gonna walk into a shop and nick a choccie bar' context though.
'She kat my layout'

'I never kat anything'

'She tried to kat my pictures'
by Mollzyy February 19, 2008

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