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OK so any one whos says cheerleading is not a sport you are all FOOLS!! especially the ones who say it is for skanky bimbos!! yeah um excuse me but I'm a preppy none slutty straight a student and the captain of my cheering team! i am also in Competitive Cheerleading which i would agree is way more than a sport than high school cheering! It takes a lot of strength to lift the flyer's and it takes a lot of flexibility And coordination! SO FUCK YOU! if you don't think cheering is a sport!
This is my Competitive cheerleading squad at Worlds!
watch this and try to tell me cheerleading is not a sport
go to google and look up Celebrity cheer in videos and click on the first on it says Celebrity Cheer Lrg Coed Worlds 05-06
by Molly marie June 14, 2007

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