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Person that is popping farts all the time
Dammit Ross, stop being such a fart popper!
by Molly Stong January 05, 2010
A scale which assigns a single number to quantify the amount of attractive energy released by a woman. It is a base-10 logarithmic scale obtained by calculating the logarithm of the combined horizontal amplitude of the largest displacement from zero on a Bust-Waist-Hip ratio. So, for example, an woman that measures 36-26-36 would hypothetically rate a 10 taking in consideration no other physical abnormalities, i.e. butterface
That chick is definitely a tenner as per the dichtorscale
by Molly Stong January 08, 2010
when you car keeps breaking down on you and you keep investing money in trying to fix it
Dude, you are so carfucked!
by Molly Stong January 05, 2010
best way of going down on a girl while she is on her period
Girl: Go down on me

Boy: Aren't you on your period?

Girl: Just eat around it!
by Molly Stong January 04, 2010
similar to being porked but with a little je ne sais quoi
I went to France and all I got was jamboned :(
by Molly Stong January 05, 2010
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