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Something that doesn't really matter, junk. Can also be used to exclaim anger or frusteration at something. It is a form of fuckwit.
"This is all just a bunch of fuckwittage." "Fuckwittage! I locked my keys in my car!"
by Molly February 22, 2004
a man with a small unit. It is derived from the following scenario....when a girl is intimate with a guy and the first time she places her hands in his pants and she realizes that he has a small unit...your heart just melts cause you feel so bad for him and you just want to stop what you are doing and give him a hug.
Did you hear, Amanda hooked up with Dave on Friday night, she said he was a hugger?

"Oh girl, don't go home with him tonight, nice guy and all, but he's a hugger"
by Molly January 21, 2005
When you place a large helping of mashed potatoes into the ass crack of your individual of choice. Then you spray your "Man-Gravy" onto the mashed potatoes and proceed to eat them out of your partner's ass. If Beef Wellington is involved, the partner shits into the Mashed Potatoes the entire load.
Kyle iinvited me over for dinner. He failed to tell me that Mashed Potatoes Man-Gravy was to be our dessert. Of course, I surprised him with a little Beef Wellington on the side.
by Molly February 01, 2005
Horsegirl14329 is a girl that loves horses.
"Horsegirl14329 is the best rider in the world!"
by Molly November 07, 2003
A cambodian word meaning Fuck
Joi you, mother fucker
by Molly February 25, 2005
A candy goth is a person who dresses in all black, and paints thier fingernails black, and all the gothic stuff. Yet, they are not disturbed, they are actually very happy people and like happy things. They could like happy music, like Good Charlotte and/or Simple Plan.
Lets say you see a girl walking down the street wearing all black, and has her hair died black. Then you see that she is smiling and laughing with about 3 other people who look normal. That person is a candy goth.
by Molly March 16, 2005
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