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A variation on the classic Enlgish expression wow, originating from the streets in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.
When Shaquanda and Kyrhonda beat Taylor and B.J. in a game of pool, all they could say was SK "Wow"
by Molly October 06, 2004
a rude, snobby, stuck up girl
you are such a shnob!
by molly January 25, 2004
another name for the head games that a man or a woman plays with one another in a relationship.
I wish Jim would grow up and stop playing reindeer games with the women he dates.
by Molly October 15, 2004
you were so fklempt last night dude.
by Molly October 11, 2003
oshpa is kait,leader of the long past oshpa club and the good times
by molly July 01, 2003
A cool way of saying i love you to your friends. Somewhat different than i love you, more like i heart you!
Molly: I g2g ttyl
Alex: Ok, Bye I lover you
by Molly September 02, 2004
To dream.
People use this when they sing..mostly used in slow songs lol.
by Molly January 16, 2004

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