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1.A romantic relationship between two people in which one person does not always act like him/herself, and the other half tries to peacefully help him/her be him/herself no matter what other people do or say. One person in the relationship wants the other one to be their real self all the time, and not always conform to what others do/wear/etc.

2.One person in the relationship is struggling with his/her inner self but is trying to peacefully cope with these problems, since that could interfere with the relationship with the other person.
1. Dashboard Confessional sings the song "The Swiss Army Romance."
2. The lyrics of "The Swiss Army Romance" help to understand the definition.
by Molly August 07, 2004
1. N. a crazy, sweet, funny, and wild girl. she lights up a room when ever she walks in and has the ability to make everyone smile.

2. Adj. able to make everyone laugh
1.Katy is like the sun, shining into the room and making people laugh.

2.Oh my gosh! You are such a katy! That joke was hilarious!
by Molly November 23, 2004
Meaning used when people want you to call their cell
xochicas away message:
cell it
by Molly September 02, 2004
Cambodian Way of Saying "nigga", without saying "nigga"...
Nigka you aint shyt, what u gone do about it??
by Molly February 25, 2005
1. A knit hat.
2. A sled. This definition sometimes used as a verb, e.g. 'tobogganning'.
1. "Put on your toboggan, it's cold out!"
2. "Yay, it snowed! Now we can go tobogganning!"
by Molly December 20, 2004
a hyper expression of oneself's insaneity and excitedness
Can I get a woopwoop?
by Molly December 30, 2003
the way douche bags spell douche bag because they're trying to be cool.
(this would be a situation online)
random douche bag: youre such a dewshe bag!
smart person: you stupid dumbass douche bag, it's spelled douche bag!
by Molly February 22, 2004
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