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A velveteen or silken trim, usually found on a blanket, usually two sided, and when rubbed together, gives an equally sheen feel of the two fabrics rubbed together.
Man, when my little sister was small, she had this blanket that she would go everywhere with, and it had a silk trim. She would rub it together, suck her thumb, and yell 'Bingie'!
by Mojo186 February 06, 2008
A german term translated exactly as pussy, but referring to a little cat, not as in the definition of pussy in english. But by non-native speakers can be used both ways to hide the definition. Also can be used as a reference to a vagina.
Guy 1: Man that guy is such a mooshie!

Guy 2: I know, I hit him right in the mouth and he didn't do anything!
by Mojo186 February 06, 2008

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