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A total bag of bolloxs. Owned by tight fisted network administrators earning a good bit of buncewho live and die by the MPG.

Usually sport fake perms,questionable togs and fit shite alloys and other bolloxs to 'enhance'the tub of lard they purchased in a vain attempt to have a 'sporty' & family 'car'.
Be-Jesus, look at that F425OOU with the wank alloys and dodgy kevin keegan perm.............

Wonder if the pile of turd has 100 horses under the hood? Whoops, of course it does it a TDI after all.

Well there's a glid the diesel in everyone I guess ??!

Hey gorgeous I'll be 56secs late tonight. I'm really sorry.

Please don't make me eat any pringles. They are SO un-organic I'll keel over and my arm will drop off.
by Moist Mary July 30, 2004
A much under-rated 4X4 from Daihatsu.

Brilliant off-road, capable on-road,the Terios is an engineering marvel.

The really good new is that the peak power is 24 kW better than the venerable Terios MI V8 at 160 kW, and peak torque is up 20 Nm at 360 Nm.

0-60 in just over 6 secs, the 4 cylinder fuel injected engine churns out a whopping 350 bhp, enough raw power to propell the Terios to a top speed of 176mph.

Only 4X4 purisrts seeking the drive of their life need apply.
Q: What is the absolute best 4X4 on the market today

A:The Terios. So there. End of.
by Moist Mary August 01, 2005

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