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Mass anger and hysteria that follows any failure on the part of Twitter. Also associated with disproportionate public expression of any online behavior.
When Twitter went down because some hackers compromised its DNS records, thousands of its members had a twitterage.
by Mohit Hira December 18, 2009
An unexpected event caused by a hesitant man offering an unknown, beautiful woman a drink at a bar and her accepting it.
He had liquid luck last night when he warily offered to buy a drink for the single PYT next to him.
by Mohit Hira July 19, 2009
The hottest day of the week at work when your boss floods your inbox with last-minute assignments so that your weekend is ruined.
My boss tried to ruin my weekend by piling on work last Fryday - but I made sure I wrapped it all up in time.
by Mohit Hira May 21, 2009
A person who corrects the grammar of others while speaking when he overhears errors in a conversation. The aural equivalent of a proofreader.
The gent at the next table said "excitation" and our buddy prooflistener interrupted him to correct it to "excitement".
by Mohit Hira October 10, 2012
Office workers who end up meeting only in the loo because their bladders seem to be better synchronised than their calendars.
Dan and Stan are really close loo mates - they bumped into each other three times in the washroom yesterday.
by Mohit Hira August 11, 2011
A disease that afflicts children and spouses who grab the remote control of a TV set and keep changing channels at incredible speed. Symptoms are completely at variance with rheumatism or arthritis and worsen in the evening and can only be treated by permanently disabling the remote control.
Jack's wife and son have remoteitis which prevents him from seeing any channel properly on TV almost every evening.
by Mohit Hira July 12, 2011
A royal wedding with a huge fan following.
With over 2 billion fawning fans expected to watch Will and Kate's marriage on TV worldwide, it might as well be dubbed a Loyal Wedding.
by Mohit Hira April 26, 2011

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