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Public anger directed at corporations like AIG which blow up taxpayers' funds for self-gain.
When the Board announced handsome bonuses that could be paid to themselves because of the generous funds they had received as part of the bailout package, there was outraig amongst the shareholders.
by Mohit Hira March 21, 2009
The equivalent of 'homesick' except that it refers to missing an office that you were recently a part of, or spent a long time in.
Having moved to another role that required him to relocate, Michael didn't realise he'd miss his former colleagues and be as officesick as he was.
by Mohit Hira January 20, 2014
A scam advertising campaign created by an agency only to win awards for non-existent brands.
Every year, one agency walks away with several awards for scampaigns that appeared in obscure publications for unheard-of brands.
by Mohit Hira March 18, 2009
Intense mumbling that some people do in a conference-call when they start discussing something at one end, oblivious of the fact that it can't be heard - or understood - by participants at the other end.
My tricky question stumped the unprepared team in the US and they went into a mumble-jumble that made absolutely no sense to us at this end.
by Mohit Hira March 09, 2009
Lightning that strikes at night.
In the dark, a flash of nightling lit up the skies around me.
by Mohit Hira February 06, 2009
A detoxification session from all digital addictions such as Facebook, Twitter, chat, email, etc. Usually self-imposed over a long weekend.
Addicted to tweeting and updating his status on Facebook, Neeraj had to commit himself to a Digitox this weekend.
by Mohit Hira May 29, 2010
A girl's album on Flickr. Also, any other kind of collection (e.g. bookmarks, playlists etc) by a girl.
She uploaded all her pictures to create a galbum on Flickr.
by Mohit Hira March 25, 2009
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