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When a woman gives a man an orgasm out of remorse for something she may have done. It is essentially giving the man an orgasm as an apology.
Rachel: I was a really big bitch to Kieran last night
Kate: Did you apolojizz to him?
Rachel: Yeah, I gave him a blowjob
by Mohammed Abdul Jabar December 11, 2010
a Grimace is a fat african american girl who comes to parties and tries to make out/hook up with anybody and everybody (male and female) at that party. It is a comparison to the McDonald's character Grimace.
John: "Dude how was that party last night?"
Dave: "It was fucked, some Grimace showed up."
John: "EW MAN. you didn't make out with her did you?!"
Dave: "Fuck no dude, I let her have some random drunk chick."
by Mohammed Abdul Jabar January 05, 2011
When one achieves a lower grade than a 90% in a class or on an assignment. As a noun it is Rachel Failure. In Past tense, Rachel Failed
Katie: I'm so stoked, I got an 87%!
Kieran: You still Rachel Failed.

Kieran: I have a 76% in Math!
Katie: Whoa, you're really Rachel Failing.
by Mohammed Abdul Jabar November 12, 2010
an acronym for the phrase "how mad are you?" used to find out the extent of someones anger in an aggrivating situation. Pronounced h-may.
person 1: "oh shit, someone stole my weed!"
person 2:"hmay?"
by Mohammed Abdul Jabar November 03, 2010
Typically a high school kid who is greasy and smells bad. Other characteristics that constitute being a bucket are being under-educated (or act in a manner that suggests so), being a dirty looking whore and altogether unkempt looks. Another way of saying it is 'buck'.
Person 1: "ew look at that greasy bitch."
Person 2: "What a bucket."

Person 1: "Man, there's so many gross kids in here."
Person 2: "What a bunch of bucks."
by Mohammed Abdul Jabar November 05, 2010
An egg is a white person who overachieves in their academics. They are called an egg because they are white on their exterior but but on the inside they are yellow (asian).
Kieran: "Rachel, you're such a fuckin egg!"
Rachel: "Shutup and let me do my math homework. I only got a 97% on my last test!"
by Mohammed Abdul Jabar November 05, 2010
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