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The first moon of the planet Pluto to be discovered. It now appears that Pluto has two other moons as well.
In the 1987 science fiction novel Charon's Ark, Charon is depicted as an artificial world in which dinosaurs have been kept alive since the Cretaceous Period.
by Mogo the Mugger March 24, 2006
Nothlng. Abbreviated form of 'doodly-squat,' a term in use in the 50s and 60s.
"We fished all day, and what did we get? Doodly!"
by Mogo the Mugger February 27, 2006
Vietnamese, a Vietnamese. Perjorative and bigoted term used by American soldiers during the Vietnam war. May have originated as an abbreviation of the expression 'zipper-mouth.'
"Nothin in the vil now but dead zips."
by Mogo the Mugger March 24, 2006

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