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A person's excuse that they flaked out on an agreed-upon meeting or date with you because their phone was not working, not paid, or not charged. These excuses are often belied by the fact that a call to the user results in a normal dial tone, rather than going straight to voicemail.
The dead phone routine usually goes something like this:

1. "Sorry, I got stuck downtown and my phone died."
2. "Hey I just got my phone back up I had to pay it first."
by Moggraider April 29, 2014
The bathroom, or the loo.
"Just got to nip to the disgustatorium. No need to think about what I'm gonna do!"
by Moggraider April 12, 2014
An annoying or irrelevant status update from a facebook friend that leads to your hiding said friend from your news feed.
The most common killfeeds for people are:

1) photos of a facebook friend's spawn, or updates relating to said issue
2) status updates from a husband/wife directed primarily at a spouse
3)attempts to rustle up friends for a meal or a barhop in far-off locales
by Moggraider July 01, 2011
A gaming-related euphemism for a man's genitals.
The three parts of the Triforce are analogous to the three parts of a man's genitals.
by Moggraider March 19, 2009
1. stairs that have been sealed off and lead nowhere

2. a misspelling of "blank stares"
1. John turned the building into three office spaces for rent, leaving blank stairs in one area.

2. Preacher on message board: "I asked the young couple if they had talked to God lately, and all I got was blank stairs."
by Moggraider July 29, 2010

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