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A student taking a class on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory, or pass/fail, grading basis. Such a student can get away with putting very little effort into a class.
Yeah, we're all s/uckers. We're a pocket of incompetence in the back of the classroom.
by Moggraider February 03, 2010
The new, more genuine, folksier alternative to a teleprompter. Consists of writing notes on the palm of your hand, then consulting them while delivering a speech on national television.
"The telepalmer? I think she did it on purpose. I think she did it on purpose, yeah. Because it’s the exact opposite of reading off the teleprompter with a script written for you with every word in a sentence. Here she’s just taking crib notes on her hand. It makes her look like she can just talk off the cuff and she just jotted down a few couple notes before she went out to give a big long speech."
by Moggraider February 09, 2010
The privilege a law student asks for so that he is not called on in class for the day. A student may give either an excuse or a justification for this request, preferably by email ahead of time, or in person right before class. The term is called "Socratic" immunity because most professors in law school use the Socratic method of teaching, grilling a student with questions for ten minutes of class or more.
Socratic immunity is critical because most law school professors count class participation as at least a small factor in a student's grade.
by Moggraider September 28, 2010
being saved from disgrace, humiliation, or other shameful circumstances that would lead to resignation by having a number of celebrity deaths divert media attention away from oneself
Governor Mark Sanford would've had to resign over all those hiking trips if it wasn't for Michael Jackson dying. What a celebrity deathsave.
by Moggraider July 07, 2009
(v, tr.)

Hampering a political candidate's chances of winning an election by circulating compromising old photos of the candidate on the internet. The term is especially applicable to sexually suggestive photos.

The term is based on the 2010 congressional campaign of 28-year-old Virginia businesswoman Krystal Ball, who received negative publicity after photos of her sucking on a Halloween dildo during the 2007 holiday were unearthed.
Student 1: Hahaha. Ben's blog swears he's going to run for Congress in a few years. Quick, let's save some pictures so we can krystal ball him later!

(Student 2 logs onto Facebook and begins to save photos of their "friend").
by Moggraider October 31, 2010
The name for a deviant sexual act where a male third party intrudes on a heterosexual couple's act, then forces anal sex with the female partner. The third party is usually a friend of the initial male partner.
Actual message board topic:

Subject: "Can you be charged with rape for doing the sneak king? (suprise butt sex)?"

Body: "You bring a girl back to your place and start having sex with her on top. Then when she is really getting into it your buddy, who she doesn't know about, comes out of hiding and sticks up her anus and says sneak king *****"
by Moggraider November 05, 2009
A "pity yes" is the expression of half-hearted consent a woman gives to a man's request for a date. It's a "yes" to a request for a date, but not one with enthusiasm. A man can evoke a pity yes with the look on his face, or by asking a woman out in a novel way.
Ack! You can't ask someone out over IM! You always have to ask out someone at least via phone. You're much more likely to get a pity yes. Then, if you make a good impression, you turn that into a real yes!

If you're nervous, ask over the phone. You can call for the explicit purpose of asking out. In person, it's hard to find time to mention it. It's awkward to manufacture an encounter just to do it. And it has to be at the end; you can't get shot down and continue that conversation.
by Moggraider July 01, 2009

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