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What mama bird regurgitates into baby bird's mouth.
Mama bird retweeted her offspring's sustenance directly into their snapping beaks.
by Moggraider February 13, 2011
v., intr.

To tweet excessively on Twitter, to the point that your followers' feed pages are blanketed with little else but your own updates.
Ugh. Sean totally overtweets. I'm going to have to unfollow him
by Moggraider September 05, 2009
An exclamation formed by combining "ack" and "pth;" used to express surprise, alarm, disgust, or disgusted alarmed surprise; a scream conjoined with a sputter
1. Ackpth! I'm a dumbass. I forgot my homework.
2. Ackpth! My Xbox 360 stopped working!
3. Ackpth! My phone's gone missing.
by Moggraider July 19, 2009
Abbreviation for "Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Stanford." These are the four top colleges in the US. Other schools like Penn or MIT are up there, but don't quite match the prestige.
Friend 1: "My best friend from Penn got a Rolex from his dad over dinner at graduation right in front of me. I graduated from Penn too a year ago, so I came back to my parents and asked 'Where's my Rolex?'"
Friend 2: "Haha, I bet they were like 'hmph.' But if my kids graduate from a top university, I'd probably buy them that watch. Would you?"
Friend 2: "Only if it's one above Penn, heh... Okay, maybe Penn or better."
Friend 1: "Well, that's ridiculous. You're basically saying they have to graduate from HYPS to get a Rolex... Otherwise, they'll have to buy their own watch."
Friend 1: "Fuck 'em. They can buy a Timex."
by Moggraider July 24, 2008
the almost instant denial of responsibility you may hear from a past or present sexual partner after informing him/her that you just tested positive for a sexually transmitted infection.
The exchlamatory no does not necessarily take the form of a "no;" the only essential element is a denial. Responses such as "I just got tested a month/two weeks/a day ago and got a clean bill of health," "You're lying!" or "I don't have it" also qualify. The term is derived from the words "chlamydia" and "exclamatory."
by Moggraider October 05, 2010
An alternate name for the walk of shame, wherein an undergrad youth slinks home from the residence of a member of the opposite sex after a night out partying. Especially applicable to males after a first successful venture.
"I don't think the name 'walk of shame' is appropriate for me. Frankly, I'd prefer to call it a trail of triumph."
by Moggraider February 12, 2010
v., tr.

Fraudulently joining up with friends on a "family plan" offered by a cell phone service provider.
"Hey man, you have to ditch that terrible phone. It takes ten minutes for you to text me."
"You're right. I've been thinking about jumping ship and family planning it with a friend."
by Moggraider August 20, 2009

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