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In internet chat rooms and instant messaging, "scrolling" is the practice of turning what should be one line of text into multiple lines. This is an annoyance to other users, as scrolled messages take up more screen real estate.
ph33r dhoom: hey guyz
ph33r dhoom: wuz ^
merc275: uh, hi
ph33r dhoom: so um
ph33r dhoom: i was wonderin
ph33r dhoom: does ne1 have ne
ph33r dhoom: jessica simpson nudie pics?????????
merc275: dude, quit scrolling
by Moggraider August 10, 2006
1. A term used for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that has a battle system similar to the old MUD game "Diku." The first example of this is Everquest, which was accused of directly ripping off the battle code from Diku.

2. Diku was the codebase for the DikuMUD system that many MUDs were based on. Everquest was in a way a graphical interface for the diku battle system, and many of its developers had programmed MUDs.
World of Warcraft is a diku.
The upcoming Star Trek Online is a diku.
Tabula Rasa is not a diku; its battle system requires aiming.
by Moggraider December 17, 2007
In role playing games, particularly those of the Japanese variety, the practice of gaining levels excessively in order to be able to defeat a boss character. The term is most appropriately used when the boss or bosses being levelled for can be normally defeated without too much challenge. In the case of wusselling up, the player in question lacks skill, or is a newbie.

Wusselling up should not be confused with bad game design that requires the player to level excessively as a matter of course. See Disgaea.
"lawls lawls, Billy had to wussel up just to defeat Jenova Life."
by Moggraider August 25, 2005
An alternate screenname used for situations on the internet that require anonymity
You might use your shadow screenname to:

1. check if someone has blocked you on AIM

2. hook up with random people through craigslist

3. harass people you dislike
by Moggraider May 07, 2009
a person who enforces message board rules in an imperious, incessant, or otherwise annoying manner.
The term "threadcop" originates from the idea of calling a message board topic a "thread." This hails back to the naming conventions of older message board systems.
by Moggraider August 27, 2008
Abbreviation for "If I Understand Correctly."
IIUC, these telemarketers are not supposed to be bugging me, because I signed up for the Do Not Call list.
by Moggraider July 01, 2008
Abbreviation for "not really."
"Hey, check out this laptop. Do you like it?"
by Moggraider February 04, 2008
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