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61 definitions by Moggraider

a person who enforces message board rules in an imperious, incessant, or otherwise annoying manner.
The term "threadcop" originates from the idea of calling a message board topic a "thread." This hails back to the naming conventions of older message board systems.
by Moggraider August 27, 2008
Abbreviation for "not really."
"Hey, check out this laptop. Do you like it?"
by Moggraider February 04, 2008
v., tr.

1. unsubscribing from someone's Twitter feed

2. a declarative statement that you are unsubscribing

3. a declarative statement that you are leaving a group or friend
Ex. 1: "I'm unfollowing Steve after all that pro-Apple spam."

Ex.2: "I'm tired of hearing all the details of Amy's day. Unfollow."

Ex. 3: "You're going to THAT bar? Unfollow."
by Moggraider June 07, 2009
A ban from a message board that lets the user continue viewing posts and making posts, but that makes it so no other message board users can see the banned user's posts.
The hell ban puts a forum poster in a sort of Twilight Zone.

hell ban > permaban
by Moggraider February 18, 2008
A slang word meaning "game of the year," the abbreviation of which is "GOTY."

Source: Gamespot's "The Hotspot" Podcast, week of December 9, 2007.
Warhawk is a contender for the PS3's goaty.

My goaty would have to be The Orange Box.

Super Mario Galaxy and Halo 3 are strong choices for the overall goaty.
by Moggraider December 13, 2007
A youtube bully dominates your instant message conversations by repeatedly linking you to youtube videos and expecting you to watch right away.

Some youtube bullies are actually reluctant to watch videos YOU link them to, also.
Friend: Hey, watch this comedy skit! <youtube link>
You: k
Friend: What did you think?
You: heh. funny.
Friend: Watch this one, too. <youtube link>
Five minutes pass.
You: lol. ok watch this: <youtube link>
Friend: Sorry, I'm busy.
You: youtube bully.
by Moggraider August 06, 2009
Instant and sudden removal of a facebook friend from your news feed due to a dumb, irrelevant, inane, or otherwise objectionable status update.
Facebook friend on news feed's status update: "Is CONEY ISLAND stylin!!! Gonna be 105 degrees 2day, def on that Q train to the beach!!! happy bday shoutout to my dude Quichua!!!"

Facebook user: "Ugh. That's a feedkill."
by Moggraider July 24, 2010